WomensCycling.net Sponsors Women's Criterium Series

Melbourne - Victoria (Aus) in conjunction with St Kilda CC


WomensCycling.net is pleased to announce sponsorship of a series of women's racing in Melbourne during the Southern Hemisphere summer!


Aimed at novices and increasing participation, the series involves a morning of racing on a Sunday in December, January and February. Based upon a unique and innovative format, more experienced riders are encouraged to race against novices and newcomers. However, the glory is spread equally amongst the riders - after an individual event to ascertain fitness and experience levels, teams are created and overall position is based upon the combined finish positions of the team members. Slower riders have just as much a part to play by finishing, their finish position contributing valuable points to the team effort.


Other sponsors include local businesses, who donated prizes such as a pedicure, massage and race clothing : jersey, socks and track mitts.


Nicole Huntriss - a member of St Kilda CC and organiser for the series deserves many thanks for her efforts for event 1 - at Port Melbourne on 8th December 2002. Just one week before her wedding, she was at the event, taking entries, judging intermediate sprints and generally acting as a great ambassador for women's racing. Presented with a WomensCycling.net race jersey as recognition of her efforts, she will not be hard to spot when out training in it - the orange is visible from far away. Details of the other events in the series will be posted on this website very soon. In the meantime, click here for results of the first event.


Nicole Huntriss - organiser of the series for SKCC / WomensCycling.net

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