St Kilda CC Women's Cycling Carnival

8th December 2002

Whether you are a regular cycling racer, or looking for an opportunity to participate in  your first race, then come along and be part of a cycling carnival aiming to encourage women in cycling.


Finish Line action at Port Melbourne 01-12-02


Event 1 : 9am Women's criterium - 25mnutes plus 1lap

Event 2 : 11am Team Criterium - 25minutes plus 1 lap


In both races, prizes will be awarded for places in intermediate sprints and finish, plus the "lanterne rouge" (last finisher). Winning team will also be awarded in Event 2.


Each race will be preceded by a race briefing, including details of hoe the race will be run.


Registration (entry) for both races 08:00-08:45am

$15 entry for both races, $10 for one race.


A minimum of $800 prize pool money will be offered.


For further information www.SKCC.com.au

Enquiries  03 9517 2979 or click here to email Nicole Huntriss



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