Race Preview

Giro d'Italia for Women - 13th Edition - starts 5th July 

From Jon Miles

The 13th edition of the Giro d' Italia was presented today and one pleasant surprise was that the overall distance to be covered has been shortened from previous years.

The stage race will be run over 10 days when previously there were 14 days, and go into 4 Regions; the change was made to provide a better spectacle without "damaging riders health" quote Guiseppe Rivolta. A new feature will be the second stage which is based on the men's Coppa Sabatini and the first mountain top finish will be on stage 3 to Cascina. There will be just one time trial which is on stage 6 and covers 19.5 km; it will have an uphill finish which was used for the Italian Time Trial Championship in 1997.

Perhaps the decisive stage will be stage 8 with the climb of Villa Vergano. Listed favourites include Fabiana Luperini, Nicole Brandli, Zinaida Staburskana and Allessandra Cappellotto.

The Giro starts on 5 July

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