Preview - plus, riders wanted for Bermuda Combined Team

Bermuda Grand Prix 21-22 September 2002

Two riders who have "crossed the pond" twice this year are Melanie Claude Julia Hawley. They came to the UK in May to ride the Bedford 2 Day and in the process., gained qualification for their places in the Commonwealth Games. So, they returned in July and rode the TT and Road Races. (They finished 24th and 25th in the RR). 

They'd now like to return the compliment and see some of the faces they've come across during the year on their home turf. The Bermuda Grand Prix is run at here same time as the men's pro race - so there's a chance to rub shoulders with even more famous faces too....  They're keen to get a "Combined Bermuda Team" together, comprised of guest riders - especially those from the UK.

British Airways publicised that they have some seat sales recently on the Bermuda route. The organisers are hoping to give some money towards air travel for those making the trip too. Everything else is pretty well paid for as the host housing is really excellent here! 

A good female turnout from North America is expected now as the Female Canadian Grand Prix has been cancelled & was to be same week. This is a unique opportunity to get the taste of North American racing and to visit the holiday island.

Interested ? Go to http://www.bermudabicycle.org/index.htm

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