National Championships 2002

From Jon Miles

Italy - Col San Martino

Elite Women 118 kilometres

A change of hierarchy when the favourites did not feature in the main results and a new champion was crowned when Rosalina Lapomarda rode in with a 2 minute gap over the rest of the race.

Although the rain had stopped and there were drying roads, a late downpour could have caused problems.

The mountains competition proved to be the main attacking point with the long dragging climb of Guia the focal point. It was here that two riders got away towards the end of the race including Lapomarda, 4 were chasing followed by a group of 13.

Lapormarda led over the top of the climb and continued on her own, striking out for the finish. The groups came together in the last few kilometres but it was Lapormarda who was the star of the day.


1. Rosalisa Laporamrda Team 2002 3 hrs 11 mins 5 sec

2. Katia Longhin GS Acca Du at 2 mins 22 secs

3. Luisa Tamanini Team 2002 same time

4. Sara Felloni Edilsavino same time

5. Anna Gusmini Team Raschiani same time

6. Giovanna Troldi Bee on Bike same time

7. Alessandra D'Ettorre Corpo Forestale same time

8. Giorgia Brontini GS Top Girls same time

9. Letizia Giardinelli SC Fannini same time

10. Vera Carrare Itera same time


Junior Women 70.8 kilometres

65 Juniors lined up for the start on a wet day, the course contained two stiff climbs with the mountain competition on Guia. The major attack of the day was from Valentina Simmonetti - Pol Desentanese but she was caught just before the last lap then Aloisia Daddio - Figurella Dream Team but she was caught at the foot of the last climb when 11 riders got clear; on the drop down they were in turn swelled to 23 riders.

Under the last kilometre arch and Francesca Tognali attacked but she was bought back and the leading 23 went for the sprint with Monia Baccaillie of Cicli Saccraelli crossed the line as the new National Champion.

One interesting feature of the race happened in the last 500 metres when a motorcycle cameraman fell off the rear of the bike and slid towards the rushing bunch but he was able to get up before anyone hit him !


1. Monia Baccaille Cicli Saccarelli 2 hrs 3 min

2. Daniela Fuser Poli Club E Elle Salotti same

3. Tatiana Guderno GS Top Girls same time

4. Laura Bozzolo Pol Desenranese same time

5. Eleonora Soldo CSI Ju Sport same time


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