National Championships 2002

From Jon Miles

France - Briancon 

TIME TRIAL 15.5 kilometres

The greatest name in women's cycle racing, Jeannie Longo-Cipelli, added yet another title to her formidable total when she won the French women's time trial championship when she recorded 42.6 km/h over the course based upon Briancon, although you might think that a National Championship that covers just 15 kilometres for senior women is hardly worth getting changed for!


1. Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli Paris CO 25 min 59 secs

2. Laurence Lebroucher UV Fresnoise at 23 secs

3. Edwige Pitel AVC Aix at 39 secs

4. Cathy Moncassin Lavaur VC at 56 secs

5. Juliet Vanderkerckhove VC Roubaix at 1 min 2 sec

6. Sophie Creux Chambery CF at 1 min 33 sec

7. Sonia Huguet UC Bassin at 1 min 36 sec

8. Maryline Salvetat VSL Castres at 1 min 43 sec

9. Claudia Saintagne ESC Meaux at 1 min 52 sec

10. Alexandra Le Henaff VC St Quimper at 2 min 7 sec

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