3M UK Plc, Lee & Son Roofing, SportsMatch Bedford 2 Day 2002


Stage Format :

Sunday 26th May 2002 -     Stage 3 - 66 miles Road Stage        10:00hrs

Signing-on open 08:40hrs-09:30hrs             

Team driver & Race Convoy briefing 09:30hrs – inside Officials Room

Rider briefing 09:50hrs inside race HQ

Description :

This stage is based upon the "Kimbolton" circuit on the Beds / Cambs border. At 16.5 miles / 26km, a lap is long and varied. Deneutralised before Stow Longa, riders will find the first few miles into Spaldwick fast and mainly downhill. Immediately after Spaldwick, the road rises twice in quick succession, before turning onto a high, straight, exposed road which may remind some of the international visitors of home roads - (especially from what we see on TV of the Belgian classics). There are no cobbles on this road!! The road then twists and rolls through a couple of villages before joining the B660 to return through Catworth to Kimbolton on a wide, exposed, long downhill initially, which climbs to Catworth and then drops to Kimbolton, before the climb up to the start/finish line.

Road surfaces throughout are variable. At the time of writing (Apr 21 2002), most of the major potholes have been highlighted for work by the Highways Department. The organisers will be liasing with Highways in the hope that this work will be done prior to the race. Much work has now been done - all but one potholes have been fixed, a couple of long stretches of roads have been resurfaced. This is a tremendous improvement, but riders are warned to be careful of loose gravel on corners in these sections. (23-05-02).

Circuit Details :

Assemble outside Kimbolton Village Hall, proceed westwards out of the village, to

TURN (M) right onto B660 towards Catworth. Within 500m,

TURN right (M) towards Stow Longa, to join circuit, proceed up the hill. The race will be de-neutralised as it passes through the lap / finish area (1mile (1.6km) outside Bicton Industrial Area. Continue through Stow Longa, to Spaldwick (3.8miles (6km)), to “T” junction, where

TURN left (M) through village, exit village and follow road to the right, to cross the A14 (care – slip roads from A14 join this road). Continue along this road to ENTER Barham village (5miles (8km), continue through village, where before end of village,

TURN left (M) (5.3miles (8.5km)) (care) into narrow road towards Leighton Bromswold proceed to “T” junction, where

TURN right (M) (6.9miles (11km)), continue to Salome Wood, “T” junction (8miles (12.8km)), where

TURN left (M) to follow road for 1.5miles (2.4km) before

TURN left (M)  (8.4miles (13.5km)) towards “Old Weston, Brington, Kimbolton” and through Old Weston (care – parked cars) continue up hill, to junction with B660, where

TURN left (M) (10.6miles (17km)) towards “Catworth, Kimbolton, B660” and through Catworth (13miles (20.7km)). Continue on B660, past Blackwell Farm Industrial Estate to return to Kimbolton, where, just after village entrance,

TURN left (M) (15.5miles (24.8km) towards Lap / Finish outside Bicton Industrial Estate.

One lap = 16.5miles (26.5km) Lap board will show 4 laps to go when riders pass through Lap / Finish for the first time

The Prime Hill point is at the top of the hill which leads to Barham, There will be primes on laps 1,2 & 3.

The Sprints point is on the B660, approx 1km after Catworth village, adjacent to the field entrance on the left hand side and 200m before the houses on the right. There will be sprints on laps 1,2 & 3

The Feed Zone will be just past the lap/finish area, beyond Bicton Industrial Estate. No other feeding is allowed.

(M) indicates a cycle race Marshal wearing a fluorescent jacket

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