3M UK Plc, Lee & Son Roofing, SportsMatch Bedford 2 Day 2002


Stage Format :

Saturday 25th May 2002 -     Stage 2 - 3 miles Time Trial       First rider - 15:31hrs

Circuit Details :

There are NO FOLLOWING CARS permitted for this time trial stage. Any rider observed with a following car will be disqualified. 

START in small lane WEST of Cranfield Airport perimeter fence, on Cranfield Technology Park,100m before roundabout.  Continue 

STRAIGHT OVER (M) roundabout, direction Salford, proceed down the hill, 0.7miles (1.2km), where 

TURN first left (M), direction Cranfield ( M) to continue through lane and up hill to

TURN left (M) at corner of Airport perimeter fence (1.8miles (2.8km)), follow road to

FINISH 100m before roundabout.    CARE riders approaching from right at roundabout. (M)

Distance 2.7miles (4.3km) 

(M) indicates a cycle race Marshal wearing a fluorescent jacket



Caught riders must move over to allow the overtaking rider and vehicle to pass on the right.

Please do not warm up on the circuit. Distance from HQ to start, approx. 1mile (1.6km)

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